A Psychologist and an Ad Guy Walk into a Campaign

Recording: A Psychologist and an Ad Guy Walk into a Campaign, Mar 9, 2019


Dan Monheit


There will be an encore of this session occurring Saturday March 9th at 2:00 pm Fairmont Hotel, Congressional A.

Accomplished psychologist Dr Mel Weinberg and experienced ad guy Dan Monheit use behavioural economics to explain the magic behind some of the greatest ad campaigns of all time. The session will open with a brief overview of behavioural economics, followed by a deep dive into a range of world class campaigns from the fields of food, booze, tech and sport. Oh, and religion.
Mel and Dan will unpack each campaign, paying specific attention to how they applied the science of decision making to maximise their impact. Mel’s background in psychology, research and neuroscience, together with Dan’s experience across brands, campaigns and sales, combine for a unique and captivating perspective on why the work worked.

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