Personal Aerial Vehicles: Sooner Than You Think

Personal Aerial Vehicles: Sooner Than You Think

Human beings have always been fascinated with flying and recent advancements in technology are finally enabling personal flight so safe and simple that anyone can do it with minimal training or skill - and without a pilots license. Long before these new electric, vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will be certified for commercial use, you will be able to fly for recreation and entertainment - purely to experience the thrill and magic of personal flight.

The challenges to the proliferation of personal and autonomous aircraft into the global airspace seem significant - regulation, safety, public acceptance, and liability are hot topics for all aerial technology companies. However, a new breed of entrepreneurs are coming up with increasingly interesting solutions that are radically accelerating the timelines for these technologies to come to market.

Attend this session to learn about the unique strategies, exciting technology, and new business models that are all part of the puzzle for the future of personal flight.

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