Charles Justiz

JFA Aviation Safety Consulting

Charles Justiz is a pilot and NASA Doctoral Fellow whose research has spanned thermo-physics, plasma dynamics, and computer-controlled flight systems. As a pilot, he has accumulated over 22,000 flight hours in over 100 types of aircraft for both the USAF and NASA performing the duties of instructor and Captain on such aircraft as the NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier, the infamous NASA “vomit comet”, the NASA Shuttle Training Aircraft, and the NASA T-38 where he was the head of the Shuttle Chase Team. Additionally, Dr. Justiz led teams that developed experiments that flew on the Space Shuttle as well as collaborating on free-flying satellites. He has authored over twenty technical papers on in-flight simulation using implicit model following and has authored over thirty technical papers on ionized plasma flows around charged spacecraft. Justiz has taught many college-level classes including graduate-level astrodynamics and graduate-level spacecraft mission design. He is an adjunct professor at the Univ. of Houston and has been an AIAA Distinguished Lecturer. Dr. Justiz is currently an Aerospace Safety and Operations consultant for several Fortune 100 companies and is on the board of several aerospace companies.

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