Big Ideas in AI: Solving Problems… Since 1696

Recording: Big Ideas in AI: Solving Problems… Since 1696, Mar 8, 2019

We’ll explore the deep history behind many of the key transformational ideas in AI, from computer speech recognition to image identification, and what’s really driving momentum in AI today.

Artificial intelligence seems new on the scene. But most of the big ideas in AI are decades or even centuries old. Do you have an Amazon Echo? If so, you can thank Grace Hopper: the first person ever to talk to a computer in English (1955). Excited about AI in health care? You can learn a lot from Florence Nightingale, who started the first data-science revolution in medicine (1854). Keen on AI for Smart Cities? Look no further than Isaac Newton’s second career, as Master of the Royal Mint (1696). No matter where you look in AI, you’ll find an idea that people have been kicking around for a long time. In this talk by James Scott, data scientist and co-author of AIQ: How People and Machines are Smarter Together, we’ll explore the deep history behind the key AI technologies of the future.

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