Whitney Ballen

Whitney Ballen

credit: Sofia Lee

Whitney Ballen - Go

Vocally, Whitney Ballen shares space with the likes of Mirah, Laura Stevenson, and Jenny O. Describing her sound, Seattle Weekly writes, “Imagine Joanna Newsom as a ghost, benevolently haunting a cabin in the woods, and you’ll get an idea…” In contrast to her unique voice, Ballen’s music resembles many things, and covers endless ground. There are the bedroom dreamscapes, suspended between rousing from sleep and falling back into it; nightmarish tones that growl and distort; swells that expand and contract like the breaths of a resting lover; and a dreamy mountain twang that echoes beautifully in the ear. It’s all sowed with unabashedly honest lyrics that make Ballen’s music equal parts visceral, vulnerable, and resilient.
“Her music evokes the the majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, an intense stillness broken up by the crashing of internal thoughts." -Stereogum
“Whitney Ballen's songs are quiet in a way that both augments and disarms the very real (and earth-shattering) emotional wreckage therein.” - KEXP

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Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Folk
From: Seattle, WA