Boom Boom Kid

Boom Boom Kid

credit: Courtesy of BBK.

Boom Boom Kid - A Todo Tren

Fresh from JAPON, Mexico, E.E.U.U. and Europe BOOM BOOM KID a.k.a Nekro, singer, writer, draftsman, architect, dj, fanzineroso and multifaceted croto in eternal development !!!
The Iconoclasta frontman who, from the underground or not, has been waving it with his noise to derail boredom and local and global mental stagnation since 1989 as frontman of the infamous FUN PEOPLE.
With more than 300 songs recorded in more than 20 long plays of vinyl, cassettes, singles and cds, all edited, licensed and scattered all over the globe with his own record label UGLY RECORDS, since 2001 he is next to Chelo and Pelado (drummer and bassist of the last FUN PEOPLE lineup) and supported by the strident guitars of JAVI, BOOM BOOM KID is and is considered more than a soloist with influences hardcore, rock and roll, pop, punk rock, cha cha cha, BBK is a band difficult to pigeonhole, tag and file.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Psychedelic
From: Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA