Dream Catchers Dance Academy

Dream Catchers Dance Academy

credit: @MafabaAlaso

Dream Catchers Dance Academy is a dance team for despondent children in Lagos Nigeria. The majority of children from this team are from the street and poor homes. This dance team takes kids who are susceptible to risk and provide them shelter, food, clothing and education. The kids are empowered through dance and acting; this gives their dreams validity and helps them know that irrespective of what they have been told by others, they stand a chance at succeeding. We are making a change through innovative education.

Dream Catchers hopes to help and encourage children to stay in school while pursuing their dreams and passion. All members of the team are enrolled in school and are doing well. Our technique is to first introduce these kids to dance and then use their passion for the arts to enroll and keep them in school. The number one criteria for staying on the team is however, staying in school.

Dream Catchers Dance Academy became a global phenomenon after one of their dance videos went viral on social media and was reposted by pop star Rihanna. The dance team has gone on to touch the heart of many and hopes inspire others and put a smile on their faces through dance.

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Subgenre: Afro Pop
From: Ikorodu, NIGERIA