Recycled J

Recycled J

credit: Selector Marx

Recycled J - BAMBINO

“el chico raro, el excéntrico, el endiosado…”

Recycled J is 25 years old and he has been in the music scene for 10 years. After several bands, references, EP’s, singles, videos and documentaries, Jorge Escorial has created a sound that goes from the more underground and independent rap, to the sophistication of most commercial and contemporary songs. He’s eclectic. Nor within the rap, trap, pop, R&B… not
out of all of them. A mix of sounds have made Recycled J to get a name in the music and audiovisual scene.
We know him by songs like “Cool vs Recycled J”, “B.L.O.W”, “Threesome”, “S.A.D”, “Hijos de la Ruina Vol2” o “Milagro” (collaborations with well known artists) and above all, for his first LP, “Oro Rosa”. One of the most successful launches of
his musical career, through the viral video “Valga la pena”. After his tour of more than 30 dates, he has been in national and international cities and music festivals. But Recycled J also builds an imaginary with his photos, documentaries,
films, events and designs. Always looking for a 360 end. Besides from music, Jorge has participated as campaign image for different brands.

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Subgenre: Hip-Hop / Rap
From: Madrid, SPAIN