Space x Girl

Space x Girl

The story is about a girl with a sense of connection with space, and one day she is drawn to the changing fantasy of home, with a variety of spaces that bring her memories. The unusual arrangement of moving from space to space through a closet, cabinet, or bag never ceases to intrigue the audience about a girl. In particular, the focus on the atmosphere of the space and the emotion of the girl creates a " feeling of warmth ".

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Director:  Minhyuk Che
Producer:  KIM Young , KIM Soyeon
Screenwriter: Minhyuk Che , Ji-in Park
Cinematographer: JEE Yune-jeong
Editor: Minhyuk Che
Production Designer: KIM Dajeong
Sound Designer: Heechun You
Music: Heechun You
Principal Cast: Jeon Soni, Hur Jae Hyung
Additional Credits: Technical Director: Isaac Song, VFX Producer: Jeonghee Kim, Virtual Space Creative Director: Yoo Hooyong, Virtual Space 3D Designer: CHUNG Wooyong, Illustrator : KIM Dajeong , KIM Suji, Assistant Director: Ji-in Park , KIM Hyunjo, VFX Supervisor: Kyung nam Kang, Line Producer: KIM Taeho, Continuity Person: Lee Seil


Sooyoung Choe
Public Film Contact
Minhyuk Che
Publicity Contact
Kim Young
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year:  2017
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre:  Fantasy
Screening in: Virtual Cinema
Screening Section: Virtual Cinema
Screening Category: Virtual Reality
Language: Korean
Runtime: 09:00 mins