OFFF Barcelona 2017

OFFF Barcelona Main Titles by Vallee Duhamel tells the surreal stories of characters moving around in the same space in a complex choreography of interlaced paths. The tight human pattern they weave often comes really close to overlapping, yet they remain invisible to one another.

An hommage to Oscar-winning 1982 film "Tango" by Zbigniew Rybszynski.

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Directors:  Eve Duhamel, Julien Vallee
Executive Producer:  Mathieu Dumont
Producer:  Joelle Raymond
Cinematographer: John Londono
Editor: Vallee Duhamel
Production Designer: Vallee Duhamel
Music: Milk and Bone
Principal Cast: Wensi Yan, Daniel Alwell, Lydia Weber, Kimberly Bittner Quinn, Amanda Van Der Siebes, Brontë Poiré-Prest, Theodore Pellerin, Solène Buxo-Marti
Additional Credits: , Production: Sailor Productions, Cinematographer: John Londono, Production designer: Vallee Duhamel, Original music: Pressure by Milk & Bone, Choreographer: Isabelle Boulanger, Post-Production: Mels & Erik Gagnon, Makeup and hair artist: Maïna Militza, Stylist: Tinashe Musara


Public Film Contact
Eve Duhamel
Vallee Duhamel
Publicity Contact
Julien Vallee
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year:  2017
Genre:  Conference Title
Screening Section: Title Design Competition
Screening Category: Title Sequence
Country: Canada
Runtime: 03:18 mins