A natural born night owl, JESSIE can’t just go for a solo walk at 2am to “clear her mind” without fearing her shadow. So, when she can’t sleep and needs some air, she heads to the 24-hour grocery store. Peppered with absurd insights into Jessie's wild imagination, NIGHT OWL is an honest and evocative account of a young woman's struggle to overcome her loneliness and find independence in a complicated world. Though a comedy, at its very heart: NIGHT OWL is an undercover punk show about overcoming the loneliness and anxiety that comes along with being a young person in 2018. There seems to be a lot of shame associated with feeling lonely; NIGHT OWL aims to quell that shame through comedy.

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Showrunner:  Rebekah Miskin
Directors:  Rebekah Miskin, Gillian Muller
Executive Producer:  Rebekah Miskin
Producer:  Miriam Levin-Gold, Gillian Muller
Screenwriter: Rebekah Miskin
Cinematographer: Eric Rowe
Editor: Christine Armstrong
Production Designer: Elisia Mirabelli, Ivana Santini, Anastasia Popova
Sound Designer: Frank Rast, Slater Grovers, TA2 Sound + MUSIC
Music: Yacht Club, RALPH, Jonah Falco & Mike Halliechuk
Principal Cast: Rebekah Miskin (Jessie), Jesse Camacho (Carlos), Daiva Johnston (Mel), Jordan Duarte (Stockboy), Gabe Grey (Connor), Marcia Bennett (Sheila), Katie Boland (Natalie), Tara Joshi (Chris), Kelci Stephenson (Courtney), Alex Crowther (Luke)
Additional Credits: Visual Artists: Cosmo Dean & Trevor Wheatley, Production Coordinator: Courtney McAllister, Ryan Bobkin, Assistant Directed by: Olivia Barr, Amy Bowman, B Camera Operator: Matt Levin-Gold, Nick Tiringer, Benjamin Wong, Script Supervisor: Forbes Campbell, 1st Assistant, A Camera: Janelle Body , Colorist: Conor Fisher , Assistant Editing by: Ethan Godel, Aaron McMurtry, Key Grip & Gaffer: Jack Cairns, Dan Potovsky, Hair & Make-up: Vanessa Baudner, Karly Madill


Public Film Contact
Miriam Levin-Gold
Matchstick Motion Pictures Inc.
(416) 817-0250
Publicity Contact
Kathleen Hansma
(647) 524-2661
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year:  2018
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre:  Biography, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance
Screening Section: Independent Episodics
Screening Category: Episodic
Country: Canada
Language: ENGLISH
Runtime: 07:11 mins