Beyond Buzzwords: How To Tell Your Business’s Story

Beyond Buzzwords: How To Tell Your Business’s Story

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Now, more than ever, the story you tell is more important than the product you sell. It’s no secret that ‘story’ is powerful, yet very few understand what story truly is and why it works. Let’s go beyond the buzzword.

Learn what story is, and the science behind why it’s so powerful. More than that, we’ll share the three types of stories every business needs to know how to tell; a vision story, impact story, and a why story. Led by Patrick Moreau, a 5-time Emmy-Award winning filmmaker, you’ll learn how to tell a story that emotionally moves your audience and compels them to take action.

This workshop is based on the Muse Storytelling Process–a framework for telling stories that’s been taught to senior creatives at Apple, management at the United Nations, and thousands of filmmakers across the globe.

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