New Formats in Streaming Video for Mobile-First Gen.


Ivana Kirkbride

go90/Verizon Digital Entertainment

Rich Antoniello

Complex Media

Kathleen Grace

New Form Digital

Jordan Levin


Storytelling is as old as time, but a new reality is emerging: Our increasingly digital world is expanding, changing how we tell stories and giving rise to new categories of content formats. Chief among these is “premium midform content,” which includes the 10- to 22-minute sweet spot for content consumption among the mobile-first generation—a generation that spends more time watching videos on the go, all throughout their day, than any other generation.

This panel — moderated by Ivana Kirkbride, chief content officer, Verizon Media’s go90 — will bring together content creators, programmers and distributors for a lively discussion around the implications of these new content formats, and how the emergence of the mobile-first generation is introducing new storytelling opportunities driven by both art and science, and what the future of content creation holds.

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