Breaking the 4th Wall: Drone Swarms in Art


Bill Keays

Verity Studios AG

Federico Augugliaro

Verity Studios AG

Léa Pereyre

Verity Studios AG

Philippe Labouchere

Swissnex Boston

Drones are increasingly becoming our eyes and ears in the world, where they are proving indispensable tools in several industries. But what if drones ceased to be the medium and instead became the message? A handful of artists, designers, and engineers thus put arrays of drones, or synthetic swarms, on stage, performing in unison with human performers and all forms of stage technology. The unusual advantage? A completely untethered act, evoking powerful and unbeknown emotions among spectators.

Primary Access: Music Badge, Platinum Badge, Film Badge, Interactive Badge
Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Advanced