credit: Zoran Orlic

Low - Words

There is a lesser known painting by Caravaggio called Doubting Thomas that depicts the moment where doubt becomes knowledge. In it, Christ had risen from the dead and showed himself to his disciples. However, Thomas was not there among these disciples and later doubted their account. In the painting, we see that Christ has visited again, and Thomas sees him and touches the wound in his side. Now he knows. There is an intimacy to the simple painting, especially the gesture of Thomas reaching to touch the wound in Christ's side. The symbolism of birth and death weigh heavy, and the artist’s style famously amplifies the ever-present light and dark.

As a band, we are currently writing and recording, experimenting with new voices and extremes. We would like to present a piece that explores doubt, faith, and knowledge, drawing initially from the painting by Caravaggio. These are universal themes that will expand as we develop and explore. Everyone wants to know. Everyone struggles with what they cannot see.

Subgenre: Alternative
From: Duluth, MN