credit: Meyrem Bulucek

Leyya - Zoo

Chaos vs. Routine, Woman vs. Man, Art vs. Pop—The sound of Vienna-based experimental/electronic-pop formation LEYYA, creates a foreign but familiar surrounding—spherical, floating but also violent and impulsive. The experimental combination of melancholy and electronic beats, lets two different worlds collide.

Leyya appeared on the international scene with the release of „Superego“ in spring 2015, along with airplay all over Europe, a certain blog-buzz, placements in TV & commercials. Talk of town in the up&coming-bubble, they were invited to play at reknowned festivals like Reeperbahn Festival, Eurosonic and The Great Escape; ending 2016 in the Top 10 list of ETEP (the European Talent Exchange Programme that lists the most requested newcomers on European festival lineups).

Leyya went on to release „Butter“ and added Iceland Airwaves, Sziget Festival and Primavera Barcelona to their festival list in 2017. Back home, they headlined Viennas Popfest and won the prestigious FM4 Award at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards, while releasing yet another well-received new song, „Zoo“. Their album „Sauna“ is out January 26, 2018 on +1 Records.

Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Booking Agent - US, Booking Agent - Worldwide, Sync/Music Supervisors

Subgenre: Pop
From: Vienna, AUSTRIA