credit: Lauren Maccabee

Otzeki - Sun Is Rising

Otzeki, a band poised between the electronic, the alternative and the outright insane, have crafted their scintillating live shows around bringing alt-rock to sub-rooted, dancefloor explorations and breaking down the barriers between audience and stage.

Achieving cinematically understated beauty whilst also carving beats that seep into every crevice they stumble upon they have been winning audiences and tastemakers across Europe and worldwide.

Radio and press support from KCRW to Beats1 Radio and everything in-between highlight this electronic duo as ones to watch.

Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Label, Brand Partnership, Gear Endorsement, Distribution - US, Distribution - UK/Europe, Distribution - Worldwide, Publishing, Sync/Music Supervisors

Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Post-Rock
From: London, UK-ENGLAND