The Magic Gang

The Magic Gang
The Magic Gang - How Can I Compete

“I’ll give you one hundred quid if you frisbee this and get it in the stove.” The Magic Gang are sat at a table in the garden of The Hobgoblin pub in Brighton and they’re jokingly discussing the best way to dispose of what used to be their lunch. “We had a washing machine and football in the kitchen of our last house. If someone got the ball in they would get everyone’s student loan. No one ever did though...”

It’s a familiar scene. For the last three or so years The Magic Gang have been living together in various houses in Brighton. And as well as attempting to aerially transport a football into a kitchen appliance or a discarded plate of dough balls into an open-door oven, they’ve been sharing what’s become a creatively rich environment. Their current home - a knackered four floor paradise not too far from the sea - is the ideal foundation for forging the powerfully melodic, groove-based music they’ve become known for over the course of their last two releases: ‘The Magic Gang EP’ and ‘The Second EP From’.

Depending on who you ask and when you visit, their charming property is home to somewhere between eight and ten musicians. Several bands live, eat and write together here:

Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Indie Pop
From: Brighton, UK-ENGLAND