ContraBanned: Musicians & the Travel Ban

Mar 17, 2017


Mamak Khadem

ContraBanned Showcase

Mohsen Namjoo

ContraBanned Showcase

Azhar Muhammad Usman

Kalijafa Media LLC

Emmanuel Jal

ContraBanned Showcase

Iman Hashi


The ContraBanned showcase features performances by artists from the diaspora of the nations effected by the White House’s travel ban. At this panel discussion, moderated by the renowned activist and comedian Azhas Usman, the artists on the showcase will talk about immigration and immigrants, their role culture, and their experiences as performers and artists, especially in regards to the current political climate.

Primary Access: Music Badge, Platinum Badge, Artist Wristband
Secondary Access: Film Badge, Interactive Badge
Format: Panel
Event Type: Sessions
Level: Intermediate