Portugal: Your Startup's Gateway to Europe

Portugal: Your Startup's Gateway to Europe


Virgílio Bento

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Marco Bravo

IC2 Institute

Maria Miguel Ferreira

Startup Portugal

In the past couple of years, Portugal has emerged as a vibrant and competitive gateway to Europe, for startups from all around the world. Abundant English-speaking talent, top wi-fi and tech infra-structures, direct daily flights to all the major European cities, affordable cost of living, the ease of setting up business and radiant sunshine throughout most of the year are some of the reasons why more and more entrepreneurs and investors are moving to cities such as Aveiro, Braga Lisbon or Oporto. In 2016, aggressive public policies added-up to all this, such as tax benefits to early stage investors, Startup Visas for foreign founders, Startup Vouchers to fund new companies and a network of over 120 incubators. Come find out why Portugal is NOT the new London.

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