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Finding The Good Life In Your Life

Mar 11, 2017 | 9:30pm – 10:30pm


Adriene Mishler

Yoga With Adriene

Emily Falk

University of Pennsylvania

Kevin Curry

Fit Men Cook

Po Bronson

FWD: The Future of Sports

Healthy. Unhealthy. Cheat day. Rest day. Good day. Bad day. All those decisions—all those days.
Our lives are made up of a million choices—each one deemed good or bad by a societal construct of “health” and “self-control.” But these are just labels. And when labels are too rigid, it’s too easy to fail.

By redefining how we relate to our day-to-day choices and how we give them value, we see that there’s no good or bad life, there’s just life. True health comes from the inside out, when emotional and physical wellbeing exist in harmony. How can we be kinder to ourselves? How can we find value in every second of our day—even when we miss our work out, even when we seemingly “overindulge”?

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