“By Design” at Ignite SXSW


Mike Maczuzak

SmartShape Design

Rudy Manning

Pastilla Institute of Design

Alex Schleifer

Airbnb Inc

Frederik Spahrkaes


Renée Stevens

Syracuse University

Richie Zeng

Wearhaus Inc

10 speakers will share their war stories & thoughts about the design world. Each speakers gets 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for 5 minutes on stage. It's going to be awesome.

Mike Maczuzak - How Wearables Helped One Man Walk Across the US
Renee Stevens - Breaking Your Computer Habit
Rudy Manning - The Science of Selling Your Most Creative Ideas
Steve Selzer - Designing for Confrontation, Designing for Good
Gigi Gormley Kalaher - How to Kill an Incubator in 10 Ways
Frederik Spahrkaes - Lufthansa Apple Watch App - Design for Apple Watch
Richie Zeng - Contrasting Music Apps Around the Globe
Carolina Novais - How to Avoid the Dirty Business of Dark UX
Santiago Giraldo Anduaga - Multi-Dimensional Mapping: Storytelling & Analysis
Alex Schliefer - Redesigning Design

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Format: Ignite
Event Type: Session
Track: Design
Level: Beginner