Millennials at Work Meet Up

Mar 10, 2017

5:00pm – 6:00pm CT

Contrary to popular opinion, research shows what motivates a millennial at work is largely the same as what motivates workers of all ages (yes, even Baby Boomers). But for many young adults across the country, the impact of the Great Recession—such as the elimination of entry-level jobs and training opportunities, and wages that failed to increase to pre-recession levels as quickly as older workers’—still resonates in ways from which other generations have been shielded.
The word “millennial” may be a favorite buzzword for the media, but join our meet up to discuss the actual, everyday experiences of the millennial worker in order to move past stereotypes and understand what young workers really value in a job.

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photo of Maggie Jo Buchanan
Maggie Jo Buchanan

Young Invincibles

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