EU Digital Single Market: Breaking Down Barriers

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EU Digital Single Market: Breaking Down Barriers


Roslyn Layton PhD

American Enterprise Institute

David O'Sullivan

Delegation Of The European Union To The USA

Ed Black

Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)

Melissa Blaustein

Allied For Startups

In May 2015 the European Commission announced the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy: an ambitious agenda to take the EU’s single market of 508 million people from the physical to the digital space. The DSM will create more opportunities for all — not just Europeans — to invest, trade, and conduct business in the European digital space. What are the DSM's implications for the transatlantic digital economy? How can companies around the world prepare themselves to engage successfully in a new single European digital marketplace? This panel brings together policymakers and companies from both sides of the Atlantic for a discussion about how the DSM will break down digital barriers and create opportunities for those operating in, and with, the European Union and its 28 Member States.

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