Power of Storytelling In Sports Entertainment

Mar 13, 2017

3:30pm – 4:30pm CT

Sports are transcendent; they have become ingrained in so many parts of our culture. Today more than ever, the stars and storylines of the sports world have an opportunity to capture the attention of millions much in the same way that more traditional entertainment does. From Crying Jordan to Odell Beckham & his kicking net, what happens in sports can become a larger cultural phenomenon in no time. Join The Kicker, Bleacher Report, and the NFLPA's ACE Media for a discussion about how the personalities and conversations within the sports world are stepping outside stadiums and arenas and becoming the new dominant forces in the entertainment world and what's helping fuel it.

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Karin Hammerberg

Bleacher Report

Grant Jones

The Kicker

Bryan Tucker

Saturday Night Live

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