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Clogging the Drain: Creative Talent Attraction

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Clogging the Drain: Creative Talent Attraction


Leif Norland


Mike Roeder

Fabri-Kal Corporation

Petey Stephanak

Southwest Michigan First

Bjorn Green

TowerPinkster Architects|Engineers

To access this venue, please use the entrance on Trinity Street between E 7th and E 8th St.

The numbers are real and staring us in the face: over the next ten years Michigan will face a significant talent deficit. Comprehensive action is needed that will require cooperation between businesses, government, educators and cultural organizations. But what will it look like and who will be able to effectively spearhead such an effort? This session will examine the way one Midwestern community is using creativity, design, and collaboration to reverse the trend.

Primary Access: Music Badge, Platinum Badge, Film Badge, Interactive Badge
Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate