DoD, Silicon Valley, Hollywood: Hacking for Defense


Jared Dunnmon

Stanford University

Jackie Space

Hacking For Defense

Matt Thunell

Zoic Labs/Studios

Christopher Zember

National Defense University

The DoD spends more on R&D than Facebook, Google, and Disney combined. Yet, national security is threatened daily by agile, creative adversaries. Terrorists crowdsource designs, and procure materials from eBay, while DoD defaults to long procurement cycles and traditional contractors. How can we adapt DoD protocols to produce more effective solutions? The creators and original participants of BMNT’s Hacking For Defense program, piloted at Stanford University, will discuss how DoD can work with and learn from leading tech companies and entrepreneurs. This talk will include an H4D use case whereby Zoic Labs/Studios brought visual storytelling craft to bear on a DoD data visualization problem.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Track: Government
Level: Intermediate