How the Crazy Dutch Are Innovating Music Discovery

Mar 18, 2017 | 5:30pm – 6:30pm
How the Crazy Dutch Are Innovating Music Discovery


Johan Gijsen

Le Guess Who?

Mark Minkman


Marlies Timmermans

Ekko / Into The Great Wide Open

The Netherlands (population size: 16 million) is the lively forefront of music innovation with over 800 annual music festivals. Three leading figures from the Dutch music scene share their experiences with innovating music discovery. Marlies Timmermans (EKKO, Into The Great Wide Open) shares insights on the locality of music and why smaller is better. Mark Minkman (Paradiso) presents a data driven model that determines optimal ticket prices given the target audience size. Johan Gijsen (Le Guess Who?) unveils why the adventurous niche and the undiscovered line-up are the future success factors of music festivals.

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