The Future Body: Modulating the Nervous System

Mar 11, 2017
The Future Body: Modulating the Nervous System


Chad Bouton

Feinstein Institute at Northwell Health

Douglas Weber

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Polina Anikeeva

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging discipline that uses nanotechnology to electrically stimulate the nervous system into producing the natural drugs the body needs to heal itself. But while this new technology has already proven effective in treating a wide range of diseases, from rheumatoid arthritis to paralysis, the implications it will have on the way we live every aspect of our lives are many. With neural technology embedded in our bodies, could our nervous systems be hacked? And with machines constantly modulating our bodily functions, should we be worried about our privacy? This panel of innovators will address these questions as it tries to imagine the future of the human body.

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