Reimagining Old Age: The Frontier of Aging Biology

Mar 11, 2017

12:30pm – 1:30pm CT

Today is the golden age of the science of aging. We are seeing a spike in medical research focused on the biology of aging, an increasing number of credible peer-reviewed studies on therapies that extend healthspan, and hundreds of millions of investment dollars directed toward moving these discoveries through FDA approval. As sci-fi as it may sound, the reality is that medicines will soon exist that allow us to live productive and comfortable lives for much longer than is possible today. This panel will highlight key published research, explain the biology behind medicines in development, and discuss the many potential societal impacts of longer healthspan.

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photo of Nathaniel David
Nathaniel David

UNITY Biotechnology

photo of Lauren Dunn
Lauren Dunn

NBC Universal

photo of Matt Kaeberlein
Matt Kaeberlein

University of Washington Department of Pathology- The Kaeberlein Lab

photo of Saul Villeda
Saul Villeda

University of California San Francisco

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