A Global Muslim Startup Ecosystem Emerges

A Global Muslim Startup Ecosystem Emerges


Shahed Amanullah

Affinis Labs

Chris Blauvelt


Abrar Hussain

Elixir Capital

Shazia Saleem

ieat foods

One of the most unique global markets that is emerging today is the global Muslim market. Shaped in large part by a global culture shaped by social media that breaks down traditional barriers between diverse Muslim communities, this upwardly mobile, identity-focused group includes over 500 million people between the ages of 18-25 who are seeking to have their identities validated in an uncertain world and have disposable income to pay for it. As this market increasingly takes on uniform behaviors and habits, how can we address these market needs in ways that respect this new identity yet avoid the pitfalls of commercialization, geopolitical strife, and increased anti-Muslim sentiment?

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