The Boomer Millennial: A Retiree Becomes an Intern

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David Zax

Fast Company

Paul Critchlow

Pfizer Inc

Sally Susman

Pfizer Inc

Sophie Spallas

University of Southern California

Inspired on a flight by the film, “The Intern,” Pfizer Executive, Sally Susman, asked herself, “What if we hired a senior intern?” Fast-forward 5 months, the idea became a reality and retired 70-year-old, Paul Critchlow, as in the movie, found himself at a desk at Pfizer, starting a new chapter of his life as the “Senior Intern.” Paul spent the summer with college students, working on business challenges, developing new ideas and having some fun along the way! The results: a breakdown of age-bias; a two-way transfer of skills and respect; and a moving and occasionally hilarious story. This session will explore the impact this experience had in the workplace and on the individuals involved.

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