The New Deal: Why Brands Will Buy Artists Airtime

The New Deal: Why Brands Will Buy Artists Airtime


Kiran Gandhi

Madame Gandhi

Nathan Hanks

Music Audience Exchange

George Howard

Berklee College of Music

Gregg Latterman

Aware Records

Ryan Leslie


This panel addresses how the music industry will experience the liberating forces currently imposing innovation on the cab and hotel industries. As technology continues to evolve, marketplaces are shifting from surmised negotiations to scientific value exchanges. In the music industry, artists and brands have converged out of necessity. Artists struggle to get their music heard. Brands struggle to reach and engage their target consumers. In this panel, artists, marketers, and record label thought leaders come together to discuss how music and advertising work together in an increasingly-connected world. George Howard, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, will moderate this panel.

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