How Bots Are Automating Fact-Checking

Mar 13, 2017 | 8:30pm – 9:30pm
How Bots Are Automating Fact-Checking


Alexios Mantzarlis

International Fact-Checking Network/Poynter Institute

Chengkai Li

The University of Texas at Arlington

Mevan Babakar

Full Fact

Bill Adair

Duke University - Sanford School of Public Policy

As news organizations and researchers explore how they can automate journalism, fact-checkers are breaking new ground with some intriguing experiments. At the University of Texas at Arlington, computer scientists have built ClaimBuster, a tool that can do the work of a dozen college interns by sifting through massive amounts of text to find claims to fact-check. At Duke, researchers have created iCheck, which automates the time-consuming process of checking claims about a candidate’s voting record. These and other tools show promising new ways that fact-checking can be automated. Also on the horizon: instant “pop-up” fact-checking on live TV.

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