You’re Not the Boss of Me! How to Manage 1099s

Mar 13, 2017 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm
You’re Not the Boss of Me! How to Manage 1099s


Lynn Perkins


Jeff Wald

Work Market

Tara Hunt

Veronika Sonsev

Chameleon Collective

The rise of 1099 economy has created new models in company-workforce relationships. While the days of job security and career pathing are fading away, the 1099 economy provides new opportunities with entrepreneurial benefits like performance-driven compensation, flexibility and independence.

So what does this mean for a corporation leveraging a 1099 workforce? How do you create order and structure around loose working relationships where the authority isn't direct? How do you inspire people to do their best when you're not looking out for their long-term future? This session will discuss best practices for making a 1099 workforce successful.

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