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Joan Thiele

Wednesday, March 16
10:00PM - 10:40PM

Departure Lounge
311 W 5th St


Listen to Save Me


“When something is not sincere, it doesn’t work.” A golden rule. A principle that, in the case of Joan Thiele takes on an even more valuable and complex significance: perhaps due to her family background (Italian mother, Swiss father of South American origin, a childhood spent in Cartagena, Colombia, between coffee plantations and the Caribbean sea), or perhaps to her lifestyle choices (after high school, she decided to move to England, with no safety net, in search of emotions, stimuli and a sense of adventure).
Or, perhaps, due to her artistic personality. Starting with her decision to sing in English (“I’ve always lived in environments where speaking two or even three languages was taken for granted; English comes very naturally to me”), and then – something that is very important – continuing with her desire to follow a highly personal musical career. As a young girl, she grew up with Led Zeppelin (“My babysitter used ...

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