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Wednesday, March 16
12:00AM - 12:40AM

The Hideout
617 Congress Ave


Listen to Cromaqui


The band is called ruído/mm, which could be translated as noise per millimeter - an imaginary unit created to represent what cannot be described or verbalized. This is the comparison and the approximation the group attempts to develop and achieve thought its compositions, where electric guitar FX experiments meet contemporary classical piano themes, reaching the listener in a synesthetic way.

According to Pitchfork, their tunes could be described as sort of a “spaghetti-western space rock music”. Although it might sound weird, it gives the right idea about how far this band’s horizon (or the rabbit hole) goes. And what is most surprising about these Brazilian folks is not the range of their musical references, but how they are blend as if they weren’t there at all.

Founded in 2003, in Curitiba (a cold Brazilian town) ruído/mm is now a leading representative of the Brazilian post-rock scene. The sextet has been dissemi...

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Curitiba, BRAZIL
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