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field trip

Wednesday, March 16
9:00PM - 9:40PM

69 Rainey St


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It’s not easy for people with strange, sometimes puzzling minds
to control the sounds in their heads and mold them into meaning
through music. Noah Champ has one of those elusive minds: neither here
nor there, but somewhere in between, constantly building upon the expanse
that are his thoughts. His music, signed “field trip,” is about as close as we’ll
get to understanding the complexities of those thoughts. Unlike many,
Champ has been able to materialize the sonic hallucinations at the core
of his person, and has etched them onto tape for us to indulge in.

Music journalists and 15 year olds on blogs can lose sleep over whether
field trip is psych-rock or neo-psych, or how much or how little it is
influenced by boom-bap or glam-rock. The only thing you need to know about
field trip is that it’s pure, unadulterated rock and roll that makes you feel
good when it’s supposed to make you feel good, and makes you fe...

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