2015 Schedule
Interactive: March 13–17  •  Film: March 13–21  •  Music: March 17–22

Presented by: Joyful Noise Recordings


Thursday, March 19
12:10AM - 12:50AM

405 Club
405 E 7th St


From Reptar:
Reptar is a conglomerate of musicians devoted to pulling from our brains as many fucked up pop songs as possible before we die. We are interested in writing pop/love songs for future purveyors of new feelings and for those not interested in the tired hetero-normative pop music that inundates the airwaves.

Reptar formed in 2011 when William Kennedy (Imperceivable Shifts in Latitude, LOOK, Salsa Chest) had just moved to Athens, GA to study music and ended up playing in a band called CoCoRiCo (who still rule/still exist) with Reptar drummer Andrew McFrarland (Semicircle). Through a weird series of friendship coincidences and realizations, Ryan Engelberger (Semicircle) and Graham Ulicny (Thick Paint, LOOK, Channel Pressure) ended up moving to Athens to join the band. We all lived out of a house on Peter Street known as the Houseboat (it's for sale now with many major improvements in design/livability).


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Athens, GA

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