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Why Can't We Be More Like Disneyland?

Sunday, March 15
11:45AM - 12:00PM

Austin Convention Center
Ballroom B
Austin Convention Center

Let's start with a story:

A group of people check into one of Disney’s resorts. Shortly after, they hop on a bus to go somewhere else in the park. The bus driver says “-Hey, how’s your room?”. One of the people on the bus says: “-My faucet is dripping, I forgot to tell the front desk about that". The bus driver says: “What’s your room number? I’ll get that taken care of". When the guest arrives back to his room, the faucet is fixed.

Why did the bus driver take the effort to help this visitor? It’s because the bus driver doesn’t see his role as only driving a bus. His job is to give guests a great experience. He understands that his role plays a bigger part.

The story shows the importance of values.

In my talk, I will give the audience tools to apply shared values within their organizations. Values, when applied, can instill a more quality experience for your customers when they interact with your brand.


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Marcus Castenfors

Assoc Creative Dir Experience Design


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