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Market or Die: How to Get Your Game Noticed

Tuesday, March 17
9:30AM - 10:30AM

Hyatt Regency Austin
Zilker Ballroom 4
208 Barton Springs Rd


3000 games are submitted to Apple and Google every week, but it might as well be three billion. The vast majority of these games will barely even be played by a handful of people. For every Flappy Bird and Flappy Bird clone there are hundreds of games languishing with no players. Awkward. With so much competition, the build it and they will come mentality isn’t going to work. Developers have to learn to market their games if they want survive on more than just bread and water. And even bread is getting quite expensive these days. Developers, historically, have focussed all of their energy on developing. But now you’re competing on the same storefronts as the likes of King, EA, and an army of developers just like you. But fear not! In a world with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, marketing on a shoestring budget has never been easier. From launch strategies to getting people to actually read your press release, this session will teach developers to help the world find their game.


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Martin Gaston

Social Content Producer


Martin has 6 years under his belt as a games journalist, so has had his fair share of exposure to the world of indie games. He has recently moved agency side to work as a social content producer on...

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Mike Phillips



Mike is an advertising professional with 6 years experience marketing for brands including global games publishing companies. In his spare time his co-writes a blog called WOOTcomms, a resource for...

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Free and open to the public. ***Admission subject to venue capacity and age restrictions.
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