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The Blockchain: Creating a New Distributed World

Saturday, March 14
12:30PM - 12:45PM

Austin Convention Center
Ballroom B
Austin Convention Center

Enter the Blockchain - the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin. Software is eating the world and decentralization, cryptography and smart contracts are the technologies driving a wave of decentralization that will hit finance, government, insurance, and law to name but a few.

Bitcoin is the first Distributed Autonomous Cooperation (DAC) where shares are issued and contracts fulfilled without any central governance. It works without trust. The bylaws (the code) are open, transparent, and they govern the cooperation without anyone interfering. Indeed no one has the power to interfere. It is a paradigm shift from "Don't Be Evil" to "Can't Be Evil.”

With DACs there is less need for lawyers and regulators. For the regulation and conflict resolution is inherent in the system and without a centre or counter-party there is no one to sue or jail. DACs live inside the internet, have no downtime, are fast and extends the opportunities inherent in digital economies to the entire globe.


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Mikkel Krogsholm

Founder & CEO


Mikkel is the community organizer in the Bitcoin space in Copenhagen Denmark. He was also the first ever to use blockchain technology for voting in his capacity as president of the local chapter of...

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