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Music Videos

Thursday, March 19
3:30PM - 4:51PM

Vimeo Theater
201 Trinity St


Paolo Nutini - "Iron Sky"

Director: Daniel Wolfe

It's about the future.

Toys - "Golden Line"

Director: Vladimir de Fontenay

A boy wrestles with a certain idea of masculinity.

Chet Faker - "Gold"

Director: Hiro Murai

The official music video for Gold, taken from Chet Faker's debut album Built On Glass.

Blood Orange - "You're Not Good Enough"

Director: Gia Coppola

The 18th installment in Urban Outfitters music video series, this video follows the release of Palo Alto, Gia's motion picture directorial debut, which features a dreamy soundtrack by frontman Dev Hynes.

Hudson and Troop - "Frameless"

Director: Andrew Goldsmith, Darcy Prendergast, Darcy Prendergast

Oh Yeah Wow directors Darcy Prendergast and Andrew Goldsmith teamed up to create Hudson & Troop's 'Framelss' featuring a chain smoking blue monster, who uses AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) to sign the lyrics of the song, while working a dead end job as a fry cook. Oh Yeah Wow have explored their fair share of prosthetic work and know how tolling it can be on actors - so for this clip they decided that Darcy co-direct from inside the monster suit. After 3 hours in the make up chair Darcy spent a gruelling 24-hour shoot in a full body fur suit on a 42-degree (celsius) summer day -surprising locals on the streets of Springvale, who stopped to take selfies with the big blue monster.

Hercules and Love Affair - "I Try to Talk to You"

Director: David Wilson

A black and white music video capturing the sincerity of a lover's quarrel through modern dance.

DJ Snake featuring Lil' Jon - "Turn Down for What"

Director: DANIELS

A man is so turnt up it becomes contagious.

Boy & Bear - "Bridges"

Director: Summer DeRoche

Australian band, Boy & Bear, find themselves trapped in a miniature house. When David, the lead singer, decides to light a bed on fire, the house begins to burn and crumble around them.

Mr Little Jeans - "Good Mistake"

Director: Ian & Cooper

A trucker reminisces on the past.

Donn Bhat - "Disco Disco"

Director: Aakash Bhatia

The film is a documentation of the lives of three characters from Jogeshwari in Mumbai as they live out their aspirations and get over their fears during the festival of Dahi Handi. The sport of Human Pyramid is where these characters find glory and fame. The community comes together to celebrate the festival and compete with other Mandals/Groups. It is about personal victories in a group sport, it is about making name for oneself and it is about being bigger than what others give you credit for.

Saint Pepsi - "Fiona Coyne"

Director: Matt Walker

A lonely file clerk with a pet disco ball searches for the one in a city where everyone is in love.

Dent de Cuir - "She's Bad"

Director: Dent de Cuir

Inspired by John Stezaker's collages, this psycho-sexual naughty horror story is a visual exploration of modern romances games of seduction. Wild!

Taggart and Rosewood - "The Kink"

Director: Brandon LaGanke, John Carlucci, John Carlucci

What is considered by the press as the world's first aerial pornography film, Drone Boning is more of an exploration of the blurred intersection of art and pornography. Subsequently, its a satirical social commentary on the constant increasing issues with drones. droneboning.com

Nils Frahm - "Re"

Director: Balázs Simon

Elegance and beauty combine wonderfully in Balázs Simon's creation for Nils Frahm's Re. Nature and concrete clash as a stag's environment becomes ever more enclosed, while Nils Frahm's classical-electronic composition glides on.

Moody Good feat. Eryn Allen Kane - "Musicbx"

Director: Max McCabe

A day in the life of a man who has lost it all to a very British addiction. We follow our hapless hero from dawn to dusk as he stumbles through the streets of London, desperately seeking his next cuppa. The narrative of Max McCabe’s ‘Musicbx’, inspired by the irreverence of Moody Good as an artist, is built around the dynamic swell of the track from ethereal melodies to gut-punch bass stabs.

Jack Kovacs (feat. Huxlee) - "The Empty House"

Director: Anna Zlokovic

clipping. - "Body & Blood"

Director: Patrick Kennelly

“Body & Blood” is a voyeur’s glimpse into the realm of sexual exploitation. This deviance unhinges a woman’s mind and infuses her nefarious world. She ensnares supple bodies with her wiles, and so too is tethered by temptation to their nakedness. This is freedom and this is imprisonment.

Duke Dumont - "Won't Look Back"

Director: Tim Main

A heist happens in LA, the setup and scenario are so familiar. We know the trope, we know this can end one of two ways. Or will it? In a challenge to the classic Hollywood clichés, you’re taken on a wild chase like you’ve never seen. On pogo sticks.

Valentino Khan - "Make Some Noise"

Director: Tim Hendrix

A short visual poem about the mythic bond between man and beast.

Section: Music Video Competition
Year: 2015
Runtime: 81min

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Claudette Godfrey



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