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Psalm Zero


New York based experimental metal band PSALM ZERO have completed work on their debut album, “The Drain”, which follows their self-released “Force My Hand” 7” EP from late last year.

PSALM ZERO is a duo comprised of acclaimed avant-garde rock musician Charlie Looker (Seaven Teares, ex-Extra Life, ex-Zs, Dax Riggs) and acclaimed forward-thinking metal musician Andrew Hock of CASTEVET. With Looker (vocals/bass/synth/drum programming) and Hock’s (vocals/guitars/drum programming) combined unique musical vision, what they have created with PSALM ZERO’s debut full-length is an intriguing and challenging listen. “The Drain” is an album which displays Looker’s distinct clean vocals working in conspiracy with Hock’s harsh vocals atop the duo’s hammering rhythm section which is complimented by Looker’s pulsating heavy bass tones and Hock’s distinctive guitar playing, all layered by electronic elements via synthesizers and meticulously programmed drums.

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth, Helmet, John Zorn, Bill Laswell etc.), “The Drain” is set to be released March 4th and features this tracklisting:

The Drain
Force My Hand
Chaos Body
In The Dead
Drain Postlude
- See more at: http://www.profoundlorerecords.com/psalm-zero-complete-work-on-debut-album/#sthash.n5Th30XL.dpuf

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