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That Was the Old Me: Managing Online Reputation

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91% of hiring managers now look at social media profiles when screening job applicants, and one in 10 young job applicants has been denied due to their online reputation. Companies are concerned with employees’ personal behavior more than ever, and brands are leveraging customer data for increased sales.
Meanwhile, many of us are so caught up in being relevant, authentic and part of the conversation that we fail to realize the overall impression our digital identity presents, or the impact a few bad pictures or a drunk rant might have on our futures.
In this dual panel, security expert Bryan Hjelm from CSID and Internet privacy lawyer and reputation management specialist Parry Aftab will debate the topic of online reputation, including reputation management techniques, privacy and legal implications, and use cases for businesses. No matter your perspective – as a consumer, professional, HR manager, CEO – this discussion directly impacts your life and is one not to miss.



Bryan Hjelm

VP, Prod & Mktg


Bryan Hjelm is Vice President of Product and Marketing at CSID, where he leads the company’s marketing and communications strategies in support of global business and product development. He previously worked as product and marketing consultant at CSID, leading the successful redesign of the company’s managed identity protection software solution.

Prior to joining CSID, Hjelm was the Vice President of Product and Marketing at Unicast, an online advertising technology company, and Group Account Director at interactive agency Springbox. He was also Marketing and Product Manager for Dell’s Home and Small Business group, and a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Parry Aftab

Managing Dir


Parry Aftab is a world-renowned pioneer in Internet law. Since its inception, Aftab has helped shape industry standards and policy, including adopting and promoting best practices for the Web 2.0 industry. Often called the “Kids Internet Lawyer,” Aftab has been advising the Internet industry on children’s and consumer issues since 1994. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field have made her an expert icon sought after by leading world media outlets and among Web 2.0 enterprises.

Aftab, an award-winning columnist, author and public speaker, founded and continues to run the world’s largest cybersafety help group, WiredSafety.org. Recently she founded WiredTrust, a risk management consulting firm, to advise industry and policy makers on best practices.

Aftab serves as an expert consultant on various boards, such as the UT Center for Identity Child ID Task Force, and has been honored for a number of awards, including the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award (DCLA).

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