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Runway Richy


Kevia Morris, JR. who always joking around with his people, told him he was showing out when he was telling them a story. Jokingly his friend told him, his name should be Runway Richy. It had a little ring to it so it stuck. Runway Richy also had a catch phrase “Uh Oh” which came from him getting pulled over the last time he was locked up. According to Runway Richy he “seen the police pass him, bust a u turn and come up behind him”. He swears as soon as he said “uh oh” the lights came on. Like his name his “Uh Oh” also was very catchy. Like “uh oh” y’all boys are in trouble.

Runway Richy was born in New Orleans in 1986 before moving to Decatur, Georgia at the age of 5 years old. Runway Richy always loved music. He thinks he was born with it in him. He started to write raps, free styling, and making songs around 11 years old. He says “being from New Orleans my grandma would always have some jazz music playing around the house”.
As an upcoming artist he admired the works of Outkast, 2pac, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Hot Boys, 3-6 Mafia, T.I., James Brown, Temptations, Biggie, and Jay Z. Even though Runway Richy was born and raised in Georgia every summer he would go to New Orleans to stay with his grandparents. Doing so he was able to experience jazz and the soulful street music in New Orleans. While in Georgia crunk, party, and trap music was very popular. So he became a mixture of both sounds.

Runway Richy has two mix tapes out from a group he was in previously that was called Born Wit It. As a solo artist he has spent most of his time recording and getting ready for his debut. His newest mix tape “Uh Oh” which will be out soon and will be hosted by Dj Holiday and Dj Scream. Runway Richy recently performed at a few stages at SXSW and Bama VS. Atlanta concert. He has a show at New Era Flagship Store coming up soon. With more and more people asking him to perform at their shows; He can remember when he used to have to ask them to perform.

Runway Richy would like to be able to sell out arenas. “Music is my stepping stone to bigger things”. He wants to accomplish making Platinum Albums and records. Most importantly Runway Richy would like to make an imprint in people’s lives.

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