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Listen to Bricks

Brian Degraw’s name is synonymous with the never ending party that is the NYC that includes, amongst its many guests: the poets, freaks, composers, jazz musicians, rock bands, DJ’s, abstract expressionists and dancers that have come before and will continue to arrive, looking for the party, after we are long gone.

In this tradition Brian’s work [from Gang Gang Dance to his own bEEdEEgEE] encompasses an outlook, informed by their visions of heaven and hell, as vibrant as the city’s art and cultural history. Of course, like at any party, there will always be those that overstay their welcome (and so complain that it his grown boring), get the wrong address or neglect to bring a bottle or contribute something of their own. It’s a tough call to know what to bring to the greatest party in the world (NYC in neon as photographed by William Klein), when so much has already been given and people will keep arriving to see what’s has not been taken or ransacked already.

Brian’s gifts have been both generous and numerous and for this reason NYC has made him one of theirs to be remembered in the future and cherished whilst he is still here."

WolfBoy, 2013

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