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Listen to God Did It

The breakthrough group "F.R.E.E." is a groundbreaking female duo bound by music and called by God to reach the young and young at heart. With their revolutionary fusion of musicality and ministry, F.R.E.E. is returning with their latest single "God Did It", a high-energy song of praise with a catchy call-and-response chorus that's guaranteed to get you out of your seat with your hands in the air!

Shantelle "Eclectic" Thompson - My rap style is one of clear delivery in execution and in message. For those who may listen to rap, not necessarily gospel rap or spoken word, I want the message of Christ to be received by them. As a very ambitious person, I strive to give everything my all and have a sincere passion for success of people as a whole. It's very important that everyone understands the lyrics that flow through the mic and for the songs to be appealing so it can catch the ear of the listener who would rather hear the sounds of mainstream. My desire is for all to love the beat and music, but most of all, I want them to leave knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Yvette "Vet" Hardin - People can't receive you if you're too "deep", so I keep my writing style simple. I'm a bit quirky and love to laugh. I'm honest, very caring and my vocal style reveals just that. I do what I do because of the love for Christ and his message. Christ + music = my divine purpose.

Although some people may consider it cliché, I believe only what you do for Christ will last. The Lord made us all different. He loves us as we are regardless of our flaws; it's time we do the same. Being a Christian is so cool and so much fun! We serve a loving God with a loving message full of deliverance.

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