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Reddit: You're Doing It Wrong

#sxsw #BadReddit

Have you ever created an AMA for your CEO to answer softball questions? Have you ever followed some idiot’s advice and turned your brand into a meme for Reddit? Has your brand ever made it to the r/hailcorporate subreddit? If yes, dear sweet baby lord, please attend this session.

Most importantly, If you’re interested in tapping into one of the most influential communities in the world to market your brand, band or cause, you should attend.

Rohit and Garrett will show you how you can use Reddit to:

- Gain sick insights
- Crowd-source creative content
- Test concepts
- Recruit an army
- Get sweet, sweet street cred

You’ll see some examples of Reddit marketing gone right. You’ll also see some of the most cringe-worthy brand moments on Reddit that we can laugh at and learn from. But mostly laugh at. This panel is for agency people, brand people, creators and anyone interested in social media and Reddit.

TL;DR You're doing Reddit wrong, come to our panel to find out how to do it right.



Garrett Tillman

Sr Social Media Mgr


Burrito enthusiast - my current favorite is Caramba! in downtown SF.

Originally from the south (Georgia and North Carolina), I got my MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons with a focus on social systems. I wrote a thesis paper on internet memes, so, I guess you could say I'm pretty much an expert.

I work at Trulia and manage consumer content, formerly at Amex, formerly formerly at BBDO.


Rohit Thawani

Dir of Digital Strategy


I'm director of Digital Strategy at a very special ad agency.
Just moved to LA from NY - people can't drive worth a shit here.
This will be my fourth year at SXSW, and I'm honored to get to speak.
My dog's name is Lego.
My current favorite topic of interest is interface evolution, specifically haptics.

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