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Interactive: March 7–11  •  Film: March 7–15  •  Music: March 11–16

Speaking of Mobile, Go JS, Go Native, or Both...

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ATTENTION: You must signup in advance to attend this workshop. You will need to have a valid SXSW badge, and an activated SXsocial account. To reserve your seat, please go here: https://sup.sxsw.com/schedule/IAP25092

ReachLocal set out to build an app for both Android and iOS with as much shared code as possible. We looked at current hybrid practices and decided they wouldn’t work for us. We know, you’re thinking, “that’s cute and all, but how does it help me?” Glad you asked. We’d like to tell you about Liger, our new open source project. Come build a JavaScript+HTML app that will pass as native to all but the most discerning native developers. Oh, no, this isn’t transpiled either. This will be JavaScript running in webkit on the target platforms. It gets a little better too, because this framework allows you to mix native screens as well. We'll walk you through creating an example app.

- Must have web programming skills, at least.
- It would be helpful to have a github account, but we will try to have some copies of the example repository on thumb drives that we could pass around as well.
- It would help if you have some level of comfort with git, but that is not a requirement.

What to Bring:
- Sorry, but we've only developed our tools for OSX at the moment, we may have a way of doing android on linux soon, but can't promise.

Come with the following installed on your mac:
* NodeJS
* Your favorite editor for HTML/JS
* git

To compile and test, you'll need either android or iOS development tools

For iOS
* Latest xcode from the app store
* Cocoapods (http://guides.cocoapods.org/using/getting-started.html) latest version, installed any which way you want
For Android:
* Android Studio with the latest automatic update



Alec Plumb

Sr Software Engineer


Alec Plumb is the Android Guy at ReachLocal, Inc. Alec has been coding for over 15 years, and has been wrangling Android code for four. He also spent some time in the middle as a patent attorney, but please don't hold that against him.


Brad Marsh

Sr Software Engineer


I've been a coder all my life, but deep down I'm an artist. I long to bring storytelling and beauty to the world, and I'm constantly trying to improve the tool-sets available for the same to be accomplished by others. For novelists I founded LitLift.com, a novel planning website. For aspiring artists I developed Skill Sketch (iOS App). And now with Liger I'm trying to help expand the world of app development to web developers and designers.


John Gustafsson

Sr Software Engineer


Born and raised in Sweden, now living in cold Minnesota. Wrote my first mobile software in '99 and have since worked with Symbian OS, GUI frameworks, servers, enterprise systems, iOS development, and mobile web development using Liger.


Robert Tomb

Lead Software Engineer


I develop software. Most of what I care about in software development isn't seen by users, but they are blatantly aware of it if my stuff doesn't work. I'm a huge fan of development practices that tend to be described as agile. My first commercial software project was creating a web frontend for an ERP reporting service back when people thought the web was just a fad. Since then, I've made my career
betting on that fad.

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